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My name is Araina Nespiak and I am an Experienced Freelance Model and Makeup Artist Specializing in Art Modeling and Emotive Portraiture

I have been working in the industry for over a decade both through agencies, were it all begin with commercial print and catalogue work eventually to freelance were the world of modeling opened up for me. I have been freelancing for around 5 years now and developed a rather broad spectrum of skills as a result, enabling me to freelance as a makeup artist as well. This is my FT profession; I juggle a variety of bookings from single photo sessions, workshops, promo gigs, contract assignments, art exhibits, look books to acting and talent roles. Being a super energetic individual I revel in an abundance of things to do and take pride in the diverse selection of creative mediums I have at my disposal.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario but my background is Russian, Ukrainian, French & Italian (few know Polish & Welsh have a small place in that equation as well but I figure it's complicated enough ;)
I speak ONLY english but I feel I do it rather well... if that doesn't impress you then might I add that I can also speak it at the speed of light which may also count for my super power.
I have always been an artist and grew up in an extremely artistic environment as my Father is an artist himself and helped to instill a deep appreciation for the arts at a very early age. This may also help in his acceptance of my career choice as a professional nude model as he appreciates the artistic contribution an art nude model has to the art world




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